JAPAN: Meiwa, 1764–1772, AR 5 momme (17.50g), H-9.70, Cr-10,

JAPAN: Meiwa, 1764–1772, AR 5 momme (17.50g), H-9.70, Cr-10, JNDA-09-46, struck 1765-68, wavy symbol in-between a pair of solid and dotted lines on top, moji gin gomonme below on a raised field // joze, hereditary official of the silver mint of the Tokugawa family, on raised field, rims with wave pattern, PCGS graded AU55. These pieces were also called the Tanuma Go Momme Gin. Tanuma was Chief of the Palace Bureau and he authorized the production of this issue. He proclaimed that silver ornaments for personal use were a luxury, and should be confiscated for the purpose of making silver coin. The 5 momme silver was first issued in September 1765, at a rate of 12 pieces being the equivalent of 60 momme of silver. The Gomonme-gin silver coin carried the fixed denomination of "5 monme", and moneychangers, who had been earning profits from fluctuations of exchange rates in the market, strongly objected to the use of these coins, as the ratio was lower than the market price; as a result, the coin was not welcomed and mostly stayed on the counters of the money exchanges.

Estimate: 1100-1300 USD