A jousting armour in late 15th-Century Gothic style

dating: First half of the 20th Century provenance: Europe, Complete with sallet helmet, well-worked in one piece, with low comb, stiffening plates decorated with raisers on the chanfrin and thick, riveted rope at the front. Corselet with neckband provided with holes and screwed at the breast-plate. The breast-plate provided with a big cusp at the front and rest provided with counter-rest. Waist-plate with five plates worked as cusps, two-plate tassets provided with stiffening cuissards. The armour comes with its joust spear painted in white and provided with iron vamplate (only the final segment of the shaft was manufactured, so that it could be easily exhibited). Provided with iron chanfrin for the horse, with Gothic-style decorations. Missing mannequin. Scarce. height as shown circa 119 cm.