Joseph Constantine Stadler, German/British act 1780-1822- Library of Christ Church, after F

Joseph Constantine Stadler, German/British act 1780-1822- "Library of Christ Church", after F MacKenzie, publ. Dec 1 1814 R Ackermann; hand-coloured aquatint, 25.2x31cm: John Bluck, British act. 1791-1831- "Radcliffe Library", after F MacKenzie, publ. Oct 1813 for R Ackermann; hand coloured aquatint, 25x31cm: John Henry Le Keux, British 1812-1894- "The Library, Christ Church" and "Cat Street", after J MacKenzie; hand coloured engraving, 13x15cm: Edward Radclyffe, British, c. 1810-1863- "Reform Club", after G B Moore; hand coloured engraving, 17x20.5cm: James Charles Armytage, British c.1820-1897- "The Albert Memorial"; hand coloured engraving, 30x20.5cm: together with an engraving entitled 'Notes, of the Diet, at Hoghton, at the King's coming there, 1617, a reproduction print of a Pre-Raphaelite woman and further hand coloured engravings, reproductions and other prints, (a lot)