World Orders and Decorations

United Nations, U.N. Emergency Force Medal 1956-67, unnamed as issued; U.N. Medal (23), on the following ribands, ONUC; UNTEA; UNYOM; UNFICYP; ENEF 2; UNFIL; UNIIMOG; UNAVEM; ONUCA; UNTAG; ONUSAL; UNIKOM; MINURSO; UNAMIC; UNTAC; UNOSOM; UNIMOZ; UNPROFOR; UNOMIL; UNOMUR; UNOMIG; UNHQ; and UNMOGUA, strikings of varying quality, generally very fine and better (24) £100-£140 In order to view full details and any additional images for this lot as well as place advanced bids or bid live, please click here to view this lot on the auctioneer's website