2001 Harley-Davidson Time Bandit Knucklehead Frame no. 1K9HD249421S194038

A classic American motorcycle without the metal fatigue is the idea behind the Time Bandit Knucklehead, a faithful replication of a 1940s Harley-Davidson using all-new parts and a few modern conveniences.

Birthplace of the project, though, was actually Sweden. That's where Flathead Power, which had acquired the rights and blueprints, was assembling new-and-improved Harley-Davidson Knucklehead V-Twins. Replica frames and tinware were also available so Time Bandit, likewise Swedish, started producing complete reproduction Knucklehead replicas. America gets back in the picture when S&S bought out Flathead Power and began producing the vintage motors in Wisconsin. As most of the complete bikes were already being shipped to customers in the U.S., Time Bandit pulled up stakes, too, and moved their operation to Louisiana in 2004.

A quick glance and this 200 miles from new Time Bandit looks just like your Grandad's old ride. But look closer and you'll see Performance Machine disc brakes front and rear, and electric start. And, yes, that's a classic "tombstone" taillight out back, but barely visible are also blacked-out LED turnsignals and extra brake lights.