1949 Harley-Davidson ST125 "Hummer" Engine no. 49S4713

As part of the war reparations with Germany following the cessation of World War II, the Allies were given manufacturing rights to certain equipment in order to earn back money spent for defense during the war. Harley-Davidson, received the rights to build a copy of the DKW RT125, a small 125cc motorcycle built for Germany's domestic market. England's BSA was given the same rights and produced the Bantam for their market. In the United States, it was the "Harley Hummer".

This "ST" Harley-Davidson from the second year of production, originally sold for $365, has an air-cooled two-stroke motor which requires a pre-mix of oil/gas, and produces 3.5 horsepower. Tele-Glide forks provide front suspension however the rear is still rigid just like the Big Twins of that year. The Hummer gas tank became popular on custom motorcycles and later on the Sportster, it became an icon. The recipient of the complete restoration, the little Harley has only traveled 24 miles since of the completion work. Fitted with all new parts and a rebuilt motor, we are advised she runs like a dream.