1961 HARLEY-DAVIDSON KR Engine no. 61 KR 1200 • Fully restored Considered s

1961 HARLEY-DAVIDSON KR Engine no. 61 KR 1200 • Fully restored Considered somewhat antiquated in racing circles, the Harley-Davidson KR held its own against the competition, mainly Norton, Triumph and BSA. The 744cc engine, stock, only developed 48 hp but the power delivery was so smooth that they were highly controllable. Many tuners, both professional and garage mechanics knew how to squeeze more power out of the units. They were a very unique motorcycle somewhat made out of desperation but also highly out of talented considerations. When the first 30 hp K model Harleys were introduced in 1952, they possessed a right side foot shift. This may have been intentional with an eye towards competition, perfect when sliding to the left...and just like the English competition. Evolving from the hand shift Harley-Davidson WR, the new KR was a lighter and smaller machine, and built to be tougher than its predecessor. The engine featured unit construction, housing both the crank assembly and 4-speed transmission. The main bearings rode on ball bearings for less friction, and not roller bearings. The real magic was in the intricately shaped cylinder heads, with inclined valves to improve the flow characteristics. The chassis retained a rigid frame and typical for flat trackers, no brakes. This was the successful rider’s office, and it was purposely spartan. Long before Yamaha was providing over-the-counter competition motorcycles to the public, Harley-Davidson was selling WR and KR machines to the many riders looking for the win. Despite the technological advantage held by the foreign motorcycles, the Harley-Davidson KR continued to dominate the race tracks around America. Harley-Davidson took numerous AMA Grand National titles through the years of competition. This 1961 Harley-Davidson KR comes to you fully restored with a correct rigid dirt track frame. Harley-Davidson’s Carrol Resweber was AMA Grand National Champion in that year. You can be a winner too with this motorcycle in your collection.