1915 HARLEY-DAVIDSON 11F Engine no. 10446 K • Restored by Larry Wood • Feat

1915 HARLEY-DAVIDSON 11F Engine no. 10446 K • Restored by Larry Wood • Featured in magazine advertisements and television airings The Harley-Davidson twin cylinder motorcycles for the 1915 model year were transitional model models. It would be the final year for the old flat style gas tanks and also the final year for the pedal cranks which for this year were “step starters allowing the starting of the motor whether the bike was on the stand or setting on the ground. In the following year, the gas tanks would become streamlined, although still in Harley’s well known Renault Gray, and the pedal cranks would disappear in favor of a full kick starter off the transmission. Production would also increase ten-fold from the 1910 year for just this one model. It was truly a massive accomplishment for the company to achieve. The Model 11f was the company’s most popular model with 9855 units produced. The motorcycle featured their 61 cubic inch V-twin motor with reliable magneto ignition. Lighting was by acetylene gas, both head and tail lights. The engineering achievement for this model year was the three-speed sliding gear transmission. They wisely anticipated that riders unaccustomed to shifting gears with the hand lever could damage parts of the mechanism, that they also introduced a clutch interlock which prevented the shifting of gears unless the clutch pedal was depressed. Assisting that action is a hand clutch lever under the seat area which depressed the clutch when starting out. This was useful when the rider was on an incline where one foot would hold the bike stationary with the foot brake while the other foot maintained the rider’s balance. That left using the hand clutch to get the motorcycle moving. This was the first year for the oil tank to be situated in the gas tank. The price for a new Model 11f was an affordable $275 in 1915. This 1915 Harley-Davidson 11f being offered for sale is from later production for the 1915 year, and was restored by Larry Wood. The motorcycle is beautiful in the factory color of Renault Gray with a dark blue band on the gas tank, fenders and tool boxes, and lined with bordering red pin striping and a white pin stripe center. Plating is bright polished nickel as standard for that period. This particular motorcycle has won many awards and has also been featured in magazine advertisements and television airings. It comes with an accessory mechanical horn, speedometer, and acetylene lights and acetylene fuel tank secured to the handlebars. The 1915 Harley-Davidsons have been a favorite motorcycle for the Motorcycle Cannonball riders and enthusiasts alike for their very dependable service. As beautiful as a motorcycle can be, it is fully operational and ready for a new owner to enjoy.