Ancients John II Comnenus (AD 1118-1143). AV hyperpyron (31mm,

John II Comnenus (AD 1118-1143). AV hyperpyron (31mm, 4.31 gm, 5h). NGC Choice VF 5/5 - 1/5, flattened, graffiti, edge cut. Constantinople. + K-Є RO-HΘЄI, Christ enthroned facing, wearing nimbus cruciger with single pellet in each arm, pallium and colobium, raising right hand in benediction, book of Gospels in left; IC-XC (barred) across fields, double border / IW / ΔЄC / ΠO / TH, The Virgin (on right), nimbate, standing facing, wearing pallium and maphorium, left hand raised in benediction, crowning with right hand John II (on left), standing facing, wearing divitision and loros, six pellets on sleeve, right hand on chest, globus cruciger in left; VΘ (barred) above, MHP (barred, retrograde, and ligate) in right field. Sear 1940.


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