Master of Antwerp (1485-1491) - Jesus sermon at sea

Master of Antwerp (1485-1491) - Jesus' sermon at sea / Description: Jesus' sermon at sea, Peter and Andrew with the full net. This old colored incunabula woodcut corresponds to the first edition of Ludolphus de Saxonia, "Dat Boeck vanden leven ons lief heeren Ihesu Christi". This first edition was published in 1487 in Antwerp. The woodcut here on auction is similar to RDK IX, 345, Abb. 23. Antwerpen 1487.: Seepredigt Jesu, Petrus und Andreas mit dem vollen Netz.23. Holzschnitt-Ill. (18,3 × 12,8 cm) aus Ludolf von Sachsen a. a. O. (Sp. 339) Bl. K 4v. Antw. (Gerardus Leen) 1487. In fact it is more fresh and with complete intact borderlines so probably an eve earlier impression than the one in RDX Labor. It precedes a variant by the Master of Delft. Due to chronology and style it can be attributed to The Master of Antwerp (Act. 1485-1491). This is confirmed by Sir William Martin Conway in his work 'The Woodcutters of the Netherlands in the Fifteenth Century', page 229 (Folio cut from the First Antwerp Woodcutter: 4.Christ teaching from a boat). This woodcut was only used in 16th century's editions. / Dimensions: 18,30 x 12,80 cm / Condition: Excellent impression with unbroken woodcut lines, tipped with corners on a laid paper collection sheet. Very nice period hand coloring. Gothic Dutch letterpress on the backside in two columns. / Literature: Sir William Martin Conway (1884) The Woodcutters of the Netherlands in the Fifteenth Century: In Three Parts 229 (Conway 10.6:4) ---- "The guilder compass" (1951). Botke, K. --- Prof. Henri Defoer, history of the woodcuts from the Ludolphus editions. ( Jaarboek voor Nederlandse boekgeschiedenis 24/2017) / Medium: Woodcut /Circa: 1487 280