J(oachim) Hovensch(i)öld, Stockholm, Movement No. 456, 54 mm, 99 g, circa 1794

A gentleman's rare pocket watch with Sully escapement Case: 18k gold, polished. Dial: enamel, Arabic numerals, gold Breguet hands. Movm.: full plate movement, keywind, frosted, gilt, signed, chain/fusee, solid movement pillars, vertical escape wheel according to Sully, Sully escapement, three-arm brass balance, blued balance spring, fine florally engraved, pierced monogram balance cock ("HL") with mascaron. Joachim Hovensch(i)öld As mentioned in Ellis Sidenbladdh¿s book "Urmakare i Sverige under äldre tider" of 1947, Joachim Hovenschöld and his son Joachim worked in Stockholm from 1767 to 1825. Their identical first names make it difficult to say whether the father or the son created the watch at hand. It is very similar to one created by Anders Lundstedt and was buillt in the style of Pierre LeRoy, who perfected his father Julien¿s watches with Sully¿s one-wheel escapement.