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The auction house is located in:
Country: United States
Address: Hodges
Contact: [email protected]

House Revenue

2023: 912,077 $

2022: 519,824 $

2021: 319,206 $

2020: 492,133 $

2019: 15,925 $

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Total sales - 136

Live and Online Estate of Mr. Neal Willard, Jr.
Total lots: 442 Sale date: 2023-12-16
Estate Furniture, Tools, Coins, Collectibles and More
Total lots: 419 Sale date: 2023-12-10
Quality Estate Items Auction
Total lots: 410 Sale date: 2023-11-11
Live and Online Firearms and Outdoors Auction
Total lots: 99 Sale date: 2023-11-11
Online Bidding College Professional Sports Hat Auction
Total lots: 205 Sale date: 2023-11-04
Estate Pottery, Coins, Jewelry, Guns, Knives and More
Total lots: 748 Sale date: 2023-10-21
Estate Tools, Oil Lamps, Advertising, and Antiques Auction
Total lots: 313 Sale date: 2023-10-07
Estate Furniture, Pottery, Glass, Jewelry and Primitives
Total lots: 322 Sale date: 2023-09-30
Estate Furniture, Pottery, Guns, Coins and Jewelry Auction
Total lots: 554 Sale date: 2023-09-23
Estate Primitives, Toys, Pottery, Glass and Country Items
Total lots: 465 Sale date: 2023-09-09
Labor Day Gold, Sterling, Vintage and Modern Jewelry Auction
Total lots: 254 Sale date: 2023-09-04
Estate Furniture, Pottery, Bottles, Toys and Jewelry Auction
Total lots: 461 Sale date: 2023-08-26
Online Bidding Fine, Vintage and Costume Jewelry Auction
Total lots: 199 Sale date: 2023-07-29
Estate Furniture, Pottery, Toys, Jewelry, Coins and More
Total lots: 561 Sale date: 2023-07-22
Estate Furniture, Cars, Oriental Decor, Pottery, and Jewelry
Total lots: 405 Sale date: 2023-07-15
Estate Sterling, Gold and Vintage Jewelry Auction
Total lots: 163 Sale date: 2023-07-01
Greenville, SC House, Property & Real Estate Auction
Total lots: 1 Sale date: 2023-06-24
Estate Furniture, Pottery, Jewelry, Toys, and More
Total lots: 357 Sale date: 2023-06-17
Estate Furniture, Pottery, Vintage Dolls, Toys, and Jewelry
Total lots: 349 Sale date: 2023-06-03
Estate Furniture, Jewelry, Guns, Pottery and Primitives
Total lots: 490 Sale date: 2023-05-29
Estate Guns, Pottery, Glass, Fishing, Toys, Tools and More
Total lots: 293 Sale date: 2023-05-20
Honea Path, SC Residential Real Estate
Total lots: 1 Sale date: 2023-05-13
Estate Vintage Lures, Glassware, Jewelry, Coins and More
Total lots: 465 Sale date: 2023-05-13
Estate Furniture, Vintage Toys, Jewelry, Pottery and Glass
Total lots: 468 Sale date: 2023-05-06
Estate Guns, Coins, Furniture, Pottery, Toys, Jewelry & More
Total lots: 478 Sale date: 2023-04-22
Estate of Ms. June Rhude w/ Furniture, Pottery, Glass, Tools
Total lots: 365 Sale date: 2023-04-08
Estate Furniture, Antiques, Pottery, Coins and Jewelry
Total lots: 530 Sale date: 2023-03-11
Live & Online Coins, Glass, Pottery, Guns, Fishing and More
Total lots: 532 Sale date: 2023-03-04
Local Pickup Tool and Equipment Auction
Total lots: 115 Sale date: 2023-02-25
Online Estate of Ms. Maxine Jennings
Total lots: 425 Sale date: 2023-02-18
Vintage Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor Auction
Total lots: 310 Sale date: 2023-02-11
Quality Estate Furniture, Coins, Fishing, Military and More
Total lots: 309 Sale date: 2023-01-28
Easley, SC Online Quality Estate Auction
Total lots: 510 Sale date: 2023-01-14
Vintage Duck Decoys, Fish Decoys, Lures and Game Mounts
Total lots: 351 Sale date: 2023-01-07
Total lots: 708 Sale date: 2022-12-31
Large Online Bidding Estate Auction
Total lots: 605 Sale date: 2022-12-03
Thanksgiving Gold Coin and Fine Jewelry Auction
Total lots: 211 Sale date: 2022-11-26
Online Bidding Furniture Store Liquidation
Total lots: 164 Sale date: 2022-11-19
Large Estate Furniture, Guns, Primitives, Coins and More
Total lots: 559 Sale date: 2022-11-12
Online Gold and Sterling Jewelry Auction
Total lots: 205 Sale date: 2022-11-05
Online Live Bidding Estate Auction
Total lots: 359 Sale date: 2022-10-29
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